"The Fastest, Easiest Way To Play
Popular Piano, Guaranteed!"



Activates the natural musical talent that lies within you
…. even if you’ve never played a note before!


You can:

  ●  Learn to play quickly using a system that’s many times easier than the traditional method
  ●  Play real popular songs within the first week or two
  ●  Learn to play remarkable popular piano regardless of your age or musical background
  ●  Play from sheet music using a super-easy method that’s quick to learn
  ●  Play songs you’ve loved for years by ear! There’s a secret to do this and you get it with our breakthrough system.
  ●  Play any music you like – Waltzes, Swing, Blues, Sing-Along, Rock n’ Roll, Country, Gospel and more.
  ●  Surprise your family and friends when you casually sit down and play a few popular tunes!
  ●  Like to sing?  You’ll have a way to accompany yourself that sounds professional yet is surprisingly easy to do
  ●  Experience amazing, unexpected benefits. Stress and loneliness can disappear.
      Memory can improve.  You may find your disposition is happier and calmer.  And more.


Dear Friend,

Suppose there were a way to play spectacular popular piano in a few short months instead of years, playing just 30 easy minutes a day, without the boring stuff everybody used to suffer through.  And no teacher standing over you, pointing out your mistakes…

Would you do it?

If this interests you, then this is going to be the most exciting letter you’ll ever read!

My name is Rod Russell.  I’m the president and director of education at The Russell Academy.  Thousands of people around the world have used our home learning system to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing the piano.  I would like to invite you to join our group of remarkable individuals and make your musical dream come true.

You Can Learn To Play, Quickly & Easily

Most of us were raised to believe that learning to play the piano was difficult. And the way it was taught (and still is) it was difficult

There were endless scales, boring theory, monotonous finger exercises, hours of tedious practice and the stress of trying to read a gazillion notes on a page of music. 

It was about strict discipline, and not about enjoying the marvelous thrill that making music can give your life.
Maybe you had this experience as a child or at least know someone who did.

Well, now there’s a better, faster, infinitely easier way to get from where you are to playing amazing popular music.  And it’s pure enjoyment right from the start. 

Just imagine for a moment that you’ve already become a good pianist…

You are able to play a wide variety of popular music, any kind you like.  Learning new songs is quick and easy.  Using your knowledge and creativity, you can “customize” each one so it sounds just the way you want. 

You have a profound feeling of accomplishment and joy when you actually play songs you’ve heard and loved for years.  Imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends … “you always said you wanted to play but I never thought you’d actually do it!”

You have your own “Island of calm” where concerns of the day go away and there’s just you and your music.  This can actually happen very soon.

Stress has vanished from your life.  You have that feeling of peace that only playing music naturally gives you.  Pure joy and happiness.

So let me ask you again:  If you could experience all those things spending just 30 easy minutes a day, with no stress or frustration, would you do it?

The only way your answer could “no” is if you really didn’t believe there was a way to achieve this.

There is, and here’s the secret:

The key to learning wonderful piano quickly and easily is using a system of playing by chord. And I’m going to show you how to become a master of chords and how to use them.

And there’s more, much more.  You’ll learn professional (but easy) ways to “dress up” your songs that you, and anyone listening, will be amazed at.

We use standard music notation that you’d find in books and sheet music in any music store, only we make it much easier.
When you’ve completed our program, people will think you’ve taken years of lessons.  

Your Opportunity To Realize A Dream

Think what it would mean to you to have the ability to sit down at the piano and play all your favorite music – any song you like.   What would that be worth to you? 

I can tell you, for me, it’s priceless!  It’s the most valuable personal asset I have, bar none.

Enrollment in this special 16 month Premium Class is just $39.00 a month.  It’s a fraction of what you could spend onprivate lessons.

When you consider the incredible value you’ll add to your life, I think you’ll agree, like thousands of my other students, it’s the best money you’ve ever spent.  

60 day money-back guarantee

We intend to give you the best learning experience you can get, anywhere.  And I want you to love the results. 

I want you to be so thrilled that I’ll be hearing about your musical adventure for years!

If you aren’t, we don’t want your money. 

If for any reason you aren’t 100% delighted – if you don’t think this is one of the best things you’ve ever done, just return your materials and I’ll give you your money back - every penny.  Promptly and courteously.  No questions asked.

Don’t make any decision now.  Enroll in this special
Piano Mastery class on a 60 day trial

One note of warning:  We’re looking for people who will get the most from this Premium Class so we’re limiting the number of students we take.  

I would love to have you as part of this group.  The spots are on a first come, first served basis so I urge you to secure yours now.  There’s no obligation.

Click on Program and get all the details of your musical adventure, then enroll on a trial basis. 


            Rod Russell, Director

P.S.  I urge you to reserve your spot right away.  You’ll be part of a remarkable group of individuals who will learn to play in 2015.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  When the spots are gone, they’re gone.