Program Overview

Our premium 16 month program for popular piano gives you easy-to- learn playing skills that will have you playing your favorite music fast - and you learn at home, at your own pace and convenience.

Your lessons are sent to you monthly.  Every month you’ll get 2 lessons with an instructional CD sent in the mail along with four DVDs sent to you during your course.

Lessons are designed so you progress fast but never feel overwhelmed.   And you get additional coaching any time you get stuck by phone or email.

  • You get a versatile method of playing with professional styling
  • Use your piano, organ or electronic keyboard
  • Convenient, stress-free learning in the privacy of your home
  • Build an extensive repertoire of songs.  It’s an incredible thrill to play songs you’ve loved for years!


Some of The Extraordinary Advantages You Get With This Premier Program

  • It’s so easy to get started – even if you’ve never played a note before. The material is easy and straight forward. You’re guided step by step.
  • Versatile playing with professional styling. Imagine playing waltzes, swing, beautiful ballads, gospel, country, blues, rock and more. Dress up your songs with techniques used by professionals.
  • It’s portable. You can enjoy your mentoring program anywhere you are – at home, at your second home, the cottage, on vacation. Many students have an electronic keyboard that they take with them.
  • Play all your favorite songs – using a super easy way to play from sheet music and song books
  • You'll get the secrets of playing your favorite songs by ear
  • Add the right chords and rhythm for any song.
  • Like to sing? You get Rod’s easy, proven way of playing great accompaniment. Imagine the fun of accompanying a sing-along next holiday season?
  • Use your piano, organ or electronic keyboard
  • Making music is all about the feeling you get. When you sit down at your piano and play, even at the beginning, you feel fantastic!
  • This method is SO EASY! You can be playing incredible popular music in a shorter time than you ever imagined possible no matter your age or musical background.
  • Convenient and stress-free learning. Avoid the stress of having to prepare for and attend lessons. No teacher will be standing over you, pointing out your mistakes. You’ll learn in the comfort and privacy of your home with the assurance that extra help and coaching is available when you need it.


Enroll today

This premium piano course includes: 

  • Our complete program complete with booklets, CDs & DVDs sent to you at the rate of two lessons each month
  • Help on demand by phone and email.
  • A private, monthly coaching advisory from Rod
  • Success plan:  Includes a plan for your goal
  • A signed certificate of merit on completion along with a limited edition print of musical art



Additional free coaching when needed for an unlimited time ($200 value)



$39.00 per month for 16 months



60 day cancellation option with full refund of tuition paid


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