Author, musician and world class instructor Rod Russell
will help you realize a life long dream.

Seasoned musician

Classically trained, Rod began his career in popular piano while still in his teens. He went on to play in dance bands then in his own dinner clubs where he was the featured entertainer. He has logged over 1000 performances, playing for almost every kind of function you can imagine.

Musical innovator

During his professional career as a musician, Rod developed a unique way of playing that allowed him to learn songs very rapidly and play them in any key. He soon realized that this simple method was something almost anyone could learn.


Rod knew many adults are too busy for lessons – or don’t like the idea of sitting in front of a teacher. The answer? A home learning program with strong support for students. He realized most people want to play for fun but do not want to spend years of tedious study and practice to achieve it. He carefully laid out his entire playing system in 32 easy-to-understand lessons with audio and visual instruction. You learn at your own pace without the stress of having to prepare for a weekly lesson.

Instructor and coach to thousands

Enrollment to date in this super successful program is over 60,000 in more that five countries around the world. People from New York to L.A., and Nova Scotia to Vancouver are using his techniques to play remarkable popular music. Thousands more in the UK, Australia and New Zealand have enriched their lives with this breakthrough method of playing.

Seen and heard on TV, Radio and
in many prestigious magazines

Rod has been seen and heard on dozens of radio and TV stations. Thousands of people around the world have been introduced to his easy system through national magazines such as Reader’s Digest and other prestigious publications.

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